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FAQ | FlipTech

What does
FlipTech do?

Providing cell phone repair and trade-in website templates with ongoing SEO support helping grow your business organically while allowing you to concentrate on the things in your business that you do best.
How long will my website take to build?

Once you are ready to get started, we will invoice you for the setup fee. Once the fee is paid, we will email you a list of items we will need to get started. Once we receive all items on this list, we will have your site up and running with 7 days or less.

What can I change about the template?

Our templates have very little customization besides the logo and colors. These templates are built to ensure you have the best SEO and features possible. We are constantly striving to make FlipTech’s template better, and always consider cusomter inputs to grown and make these templates better for everyone.

How much work do I have to do?

This depends entirely on how much you want to manage your webiste. On the repair side, you can leave all pricing blank and let customer call or email you directly for quotes. Pricing for the repair side can be done quickly via csv upload, or you can do each item manually in the back end if only one or two items need to be updated at a time.

The trade-in module is different as devices buyback prices do change every few weeks. Don’t worry about that! We will train you on how to efficiently change all your prices via the CSV upload so that you can adjust prices whenever you want, and all items in the database can be updated in 20 minutes or less.

What kind of result can I expect to see?

Results vary based on time. Once the site is built, we usually see your ranking begin to improve within a few weeks. We will monitor your site and rankings to see how you are progressing. If we see issues within the template, we will make the adjustments according to keep all FlipTech customers SEO up to date and ranking high in search engines.

Objectively integrate repair and buyback websites for comapnies.


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