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Website Template

Does your phone flipping business need an automated trade-in website? Here at FlipTech, we have designed a template that is built to automate online trade-ins and rank in your local area for buying used electronics.

Mail-In or Drop Off

The FlipTech buyback platform allows local customers to choose if they want to mail-on their devices with automated shipping labels or come to your local office to trade-in their electronics.

Automated Emails

If your customer sends a device that is iCloud locked, Google Locked, wrong condition, or any other issues, we have created automated emails that will notify your customer. The emails will explain to the customer what steps need to be taken to move forward with the trade-in.

Action Items

Our backend section contains a section called Action Items where you can view all inbound shipments, orders received, orders with pending/completed issues, orders re-quoted, items ready for payments, and more.

Device Databse

Our database contains all the popular models for cell phones, tablets, smartwatches, Macbooks, and more. You can turn any device on or off to show on your website, so you are only buying the items you want. We can add any models to our trade-in categories missing that you need to help your business expand.

Instant Quotes

Input your trade-in pricing in the backend to give instant quotes to your customers. You can update these prices in the backend one by or one, or by bulk with a CSV file.

Built-In Local SEO

Each device page is built with local SEO in mind. These pages are designed to rank on search engines for people queries like “sell iPhone X Portland“. This will help offset advertising costs buy gaining organic reach for your website.

Facebook Messenger Integration

Connect your Facebook messenger account to your website so customers can communicate with you directly.

Google Analytics Integration

Input your Google Analytics ID, and your site will instantly connect to your Analytics account.

24/7 Video Support

FlipTech has created video tutorials for you to learn all functions of the website, and we are here to answer your questions M-F during business hours.

SSL Equipped

The cell phone repair website template comes with a free SSL certificate ensuring you and your customer’s data is safely encrypted while boosting your site’s credibility for search engine rankings.

Electronics Buyback Website Template

Phone flipping has become a prevalent occupation that is growing. There has been over $2 billion paid out to customers in the United States for 2019. As local flippers grow and want to expand their business, creating a brand and having a trustworthy website is critical to growing your business. Sites usually take thousands of dollars to get all the features you need to have an efficient trade-on website, but FlipTech has created a platform that can be utilized by all types of flippers to help expand their business.

In today’s world, everyone is searching the web for all types of services, especially sell my phone. With larger companies dominating the search engine results, it can be overwheleming to try and keep up with the competeition. Hiring a web developeer and creating a new site from scratch takes time, and can be very expensive. FlipTech is here to alleviate those pains, by providing our template websites that are built and optimized for device buyback with local SEO built in for your area.

Getting started with a FlipTech repair website is simple. All we need is your logo, business address, phone number, and a few more optional items such as Google Analytics ID and Facebook Ads Tracking Pixel ID to get you up a running. We can get you up in running with a fully optimized webiste within 7 days or less.

Once we receive all the information, we get to work. We program our buyback template to fit your brand and set them up on our hosting platform. Once built, we will help you get your sitemap submitted to search engines so you can start showing up in search results quickly. It can take a few weeks for search engines to properly crawl your webiste, but rest assure your sitemap is built so these search engines can crawl your site easily.

In the backend, you will be able to set pricing for devices. The customers can submit miultiple devices for one order. Depending on if you have a physical location, the customer can choose to mail-in devices or drop off locally. These options are presented upon checkout, and if you do not have a physical location, the mail-in will be the only option available.

Our database contains all popular devices for trade-in. When new devices are released, we update the database and all you will need to do is enable it in your website backend. This is done free of charge and is covered by your monthly subcription without having to pay any extra for additional development. Any device can be turned on or off, allowing your website to show only the devices you want to purchase. If a certain model device is missing, we update the databse each week, and can add the devices you need to help service your customers better.

FlipTech Pricing
Packages & Offers

$499 Setup + $129/mo
Repair and Buyback Combo
Cell phone repair website template with buyback access.
  • Cell Phone Repair Shop and Buyback Template
  • 3 Locations Included - Additional Location $79/month
  • Local SEO
  • Analytics Dashboard
  • Order Automation
  • Action Items Panel
  • Automatic Updates
  • Master Repair and Buyback Catalog
  • Support
$499 Setup + $99/mo
Buyback Template
Buyback only website template.
  • Buyback Template
  • 3 Locations Included - Additional Location $79/month
  • Local SEO
  • Analytics Dashboard
  • Order Automation
  • Action Items Panel
  • Automatic Updates
  • Master Buyback Catalog
  • Support
$499 Setup + $99/mo
Repair Template
Cell phone repair website template.
  • Cell Phone Repair Shop Template
  • 3 Locations Included - Additional Location $79/month
  • Local SEO
  • Analytics Dashboard
  • Order Automation
  • Action Items Panel
  • Automatic Updates
  • Master Repair Catalog
  • Support

FlipTech Buyback

Enterprise Option

Have you grown your brand and ready to take your buyback business to the next level? FlipTech’s enterprise edition is here to help your business make that transition with our integration into buyback referral sites such as Flipsy, SellCell, and Bank My Cell. Pricing options vary depending on the number of integrations. Please email us to start the discussion today about leveling up your buyback business.

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